Outdoor Shower MJ FABER Corolla: elegant design, custom finishes. Italian design and manufacture.

Aesthetic Quality & Function
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Outdoor shower Corolla

Corolla shower by MJ FABER
Made in Italy



     Aesthetic quality, build quality, quality in the comfort of use, namely:

exclusive design MJ FABER

Hot and cold water supply and temperature control with mixing thermostatic valve

comfort in both hot and cold days thanks to the great head-gravity jet

anti-shock protection of water hammer in hydraulic components and acoustic comfort

Simple installation, no visible

stainless steel structure


in the choice of coating materials between aluminum or stainless steel aisi 316L

in the choice of surface finishes in brushed or polished metal

in the surface between matte or glossy paint, in the surface finish of the paint between smooth, textured (ie roughness, the touch, similar to fine sand), soft-touch (or touch-like effect rubber) recommended it to the knobs.

in the choice of colors (you can ask a specific RAL or NCS)

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Doccia per giardino Corolla

Shower Corolla Videos


rain jet
for body

pressure jet
for the feet

Metallic colors

From left to right:
Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic, Red Metallic, Green Metallic
Solid colors

From left to right and down:
Blue, Pastel Orange, Grapefruit Orange, Red East, Pure White, Pastel Green, Patina Green, Forest Green
Galleria Doccia Corolla
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